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THIESEL 2020.Thermo-and Fluid Dynamic Processes in Direct Injection Engines.8th-11th September

Ingeniería Energética, Eléctrica y Motores
Idioma: Inglés
Colección: Congreso
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Tamaño: 21 x 29,7 Nº Páginas:452
Nº Edición: 1  /   25-09-2020
ISBN:  978-84-9048-936-9 Ref.: 6632


'The THIESEL 2020 Conference on Thermo-and Fluid Dynamic Processes in Direct Injection Engines planned in Valencia (Spain) for 8th to 11th September 2020 has been successfully held in a virtual format, due to the COVID19 pandemic. In spite of the very tough environmental demands, combustion engines will probably remain the main propulsion system in transport for the next 20 to 50 years, at least for as long as alternative solutions cannot provide the flexibility expected by customers of the 21st century. But it needs to adapt to the new times, and so research in combustion engines is nowadays mostly focused on the new challenges posed by hybridization and downsizing. The topics presented in the papers of the conference include traditional ones, such as Injection & Sprays, Combustion, but also Alternative Fuels, as well as papers dedicated specifically to CO2 Reduction and Emissions Abatement.Papers stem from the Academic Research sector as well as from the Industry